The hardness of industrial aluminum profile is an important factor in testing the quality of aluminum profile products

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The hardness of industrial aluminum profiles is one of the important factors for testing the quality of aluminum profiles. Many manufacturers produce industrial aluminum profiles that are not hard enough. How can we avoid the low hardness of industrial aluminum profiles? In fact, increasing the hardness of aluminum profiles requires attention in many aspects. For example, aluminum profile temperature setting and control, aluminum profile aging insulation, aluminum profile extrusion framing, aluminum profile furnace installation, etc., all have strict processes and details that require attention. Jiangyin Haihong New Energy will take you to understand how to avoid industry The hardness of the aluminum profile is too low.

1. Setting and control of aluminum profile temperature: Generally, there is a certain error between the temperature and the apparent temperature. When setting the surface temperature, it should be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace, and pay close attention to temperature fluctuations.

2. Aging and heat preservation of aluminum profiles: Aging should be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements, and the heat preservation time should be appropriate to prevent underage or overage from causing insufficient hardness. Blank framing and furnace loading

3. Aluminum profile extrusion frame should not be too dense, and there must be a gap between the material and the material. The aluminum profile, especially the small and thick materials that are not ventilated, should be larger. The tube material, the small material, and the plate should be combined When framing, the pipe material is placed below, which is conducive to the aging cycle air supply.

4. Before the aluminum profile is loaded into the furnace, other special alloys of 6xxx and the ordinary 6063 alloy shall be loaded separately for aging. When the aging is done in the same furnace due to production reasons, the special alloy process shall be used for aging.

The industrial aluminum profiles produced by extrusion have low hardness before aging and cannot be used as finished products. Therefore, in general, they must be aged to increase their strength. Generally, aging can be divided into two types: natural aging and artificial aging. At present, the production of 6xxx aluminum profiles is basically the latter.

Anyone who makes extruded aluminum profiles knows that it is not worthwhile to scrap the profile when it is bent, it should not happen, and it can be avoided! So, how to reduce or avoid scrap due to bending?

Extrusion and straightening: straightening is a very serious part of the bending of the profile. The straightener must pay attention to the strength used for straightening. If the force is too large, the profile may be deformed, closed, orange peel, etc., and if the force is too small, it will The profile is not straight, causing bending.

Extrusion and framing: This link is also very important. After sawing the length to the specified length, framing must be carried out. This fashion framer must pay attention to: whether the material is large or small, is it with tube material or flat die drawing Generally speaking, large materials and materials with pipes are not easy to be bent when the two ends are framed, but small materials and materials drawn from flat molds are easy to cause bending when the two ends are lifted. At this time, they should be The two ends move closer to the middle for lifting and framing. However, some profiles do not work even this way, such as shutters, windows, glands, etc., which must be placed on the aged profiles and then lifted into the frame.

Surface treatment: After the aging of the blank, the hardness has reached the standard, the profile is not so easy to bend, but you should still pay attention to it when lifting the material at both ends, try to avoid strong fluctuations up and down.的flexion.

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